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Your personal streamer horoscope

You joined twitch on 2010-08-07

If you are having a bad feeling abour your eSports careeryou don't think you know exactly what you might want, then SMOrc is the best way to tacke this. Bear in mind that not every fork in the road has a clearly better path. There will always be 100 excuses to fail for every single reason to succeed, but you only need that one. If you plan to spam random emotes in the chat, then you need to think about it more, and more seriously. If this is something you've already committed to, then your decision has already been made.

Your horoscope for today

Your Twitch zodiac sign is...


This means your streamer personality is dramatic, outgoing, fiery and self-assured

Your chinese Twitch zodiac sign is...


This means your streamer personality is brave, confident and competitive

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