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Your personal streamer horoscope

You joined twitch on 2019-10-29

The stars say that your Mars is illuminating, which means that you should keep a lookout for male streamers of the sign Aries who may watch your stream, if you've watched theirs. Life does not treat you, like Alinity treats her cats. If you plan to look for cat videos on Youtube, then trust your instincts, if you've thought about the decision enough. There's no reason to rush into anything rash.

Your horoscope for today

Your Twitch zodiac sign is...


This means your streamer personality is passionate, stubborn, resourceful and brave

Your chinese Twitch zodiac sign is...


This means your streamer personality is compassionate, generous and diligent

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Logo of A1taOda 2013-11-12 Click
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Channel Name Joined Twitch
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Logo of michaelreevesmichaelreeves 2019-10-29 Click
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Logo of j_blowj_blow 2013-11-17 Click
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These streamers that you follow are also PIG:
Channel Name Joined Twitch
Logo of beginbotbeginbot 2019-03-17 Click
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Channel Name Joined Zodiac sign Chinese zodiac sign Following since Twitch
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Logo of mooki___mooki___ 2020-12-01 SAGITTARIUS RAT 2021-07-25 Click
Logo of FutureClassicFutureClassic 2020-04-08 ARIES RAT 2021-07-09 Click
Logo of QuarterJadeQuarterJade 2017-09-11 VIRGO ROOSTER 2021-06-02 Click
Logo of AbeAbe 2013-11-23 SAGITTARIUS SNAKE 2021-05-18 Click
Logo of beginbotbeginbot 2019-03-17 PISCES PIG 2021-04-25 Click
Logo of itscamskiitscamski 2017-02-11 AQUARIUS ROOSTER 2021-03-11 Click
Logo of TsodingTsoding 2015-12-23 CAPRICORN GOAT 2021-03-11 Click
Logo of ShiphturShiphtur 2011-12-04 SAGITTARIUS RABBIT 2021-03-09 Click
Logo of SendMoneySendMoney 2012-10-01 LIBRA DRAGON 2021-03-07 Click
Logo of MasayoshiMasayoshi 2013-07-27 LEO SNAKE 2021-02-24 Click
Logo of CodeMikoCodeMiko 2020-03-17 PISCES RAT 2020-12-22 Click
Logo of j_blowj_blow 2013-11-17 SCORPIO SNAKE 2020-11-26 Click
Logo of OttomatedOttomated 2015-10-16 LIBRA GOAT 2020-11-26 Click
Logo of gamozogamozo 2012-09-04 VIRGO DRAGON 2020-11-19 Click
Logo of DisguisedToastDisguisedToast 2015-04-01 ARIES GOAT 2020-11-18 Click
Logo of kkataminakkatamina 2020-05-07 TAURUS RAT 2020-11-17 Click
Logo of ArcadumArcadum 2011-11-19 SCORPIO RABBIT 2020-10-28 Click
Logo of SwaggerSoulsSwaggerSouls 2015-03-05 PISCES GOAT 2020-10-17 Click

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