Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo,

Chat, now that you got pumped up we are ready for the Monday stream. Ladys and Gentlemen of the arena. Welcome to the stream today!

The new week is starting, full of possibilitys and opportunities for each and everyone of you guys.

Welcome to todays stream! It is Monday my dudes, and its Monday the December 05.

Welcome in chat, welcome to ... It is Monday today.

Today is December 05. Great, now that we are in a good mood did you know that on this day December 05 in the year 1848 US President James K. Polk triggers gold rush of 1849 by confirming a gold discovery in California. And on this day in 1933 Prohibition ends in the US when 21st Amendment to the US Constitution ratified, 18th Amendment repealed (5:32 PM EST). On this day in 1349 500 Jews of Nuremberg massacred during Black Death riots. WOW!

Well well well well chat, on this day in 2022 you all tuned into Twitch tv slash Neem!

Thank you all for doing that!

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Cuz lets be real... Pedro I know what you were up watching late last night Yes, I'm talking to you!

Well, welcome to the stream guys, hell yes!


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